Sunday, 4 March 2018

Cabaran Pertama - I Am Malala oleh Hanim Nur

Title : I Am Malala
Author : Malala Yousafzai with Christina Lamb
Publisher : Back Bay Books
Published year : 2013
Pages : 293

A story of an ordinary girl being extraordinary despite her young age and pressure in her place (Swat Valley).

If you had read Diary of Anne Frank, both books highlight quite the same theme. Education. But I Am Malala is written in the form of story (kind of fiction books). Its an enjoyable reading journey to get to know her life.

Its not a complete biography as she still alive and fighting up to this days. Thus, this book share from days her parent meet to day she is born and settled after people get to know Malala by the girl who stood up for education and was shoot by the Taliban.

The value that lie within her, is due to his family background. The way she is brought up with. The exposure that she received since young. 

Nothing can stop anyone from learning and seek knowledge. Knowledge is the key weapon to every war. 

She believe, that second life that she get after the shooting tragedy that make her need to undergo few surgeries and rehabilitation is not meant for nothing. Allah (God) has make her name high up to the sky, thus she need to spread her wings and fight even harder.

The Peace Noble Prize that she win comes with huge responsibility. She want to make sure this prize doesn't just only be a title she bring with her. Its her weapon to convince the world.

This fight for equality in education and opportunity is not her fight alone. Every single human being must fight together with her. Nothing wrong with girls attending school and university. Its a basic needs for every human being to get the chances to learn and attending school. Status, religions, race and even gender doesn't matter.

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Ika.S said...

Dah baca I Am Malala ni tapi in malay version. For me, suka dengan setiap details dalam buku ni. Kisah yang disusun sangat baik sampaikan kita sendiri dapat rasa pathway Malala. Overall, it's good book to read and explore.