Aktiviti 2013

Aktivit masih bersambung dengan meriahnya

 1. 10th and 24th of February 2013: 

  • Collaboration with MyConstitution to carry out free   
  • Constitution Classes by Syahredzan who is a practicing lawyer.
          Sesi Pertama
          Sesi Kedua

2. 24th of March 2013: Buku Jalanan TITI shared story books at Rumah Amal Firdaus, Denai
                                     Alam (Rumah Anak2 yatim dan Asnaf)
          Kongsi dan Baca

3. 11th and 18th of May 2013: Upon an invitation from Balai Seni Visual Negara, we were asked  
                                                  to commemorate a writing workshop regarding a painting by
                                                  Latiff Mohidin. The painting was subject to be inspired and  
                                                  written in a poetry-form.

4. 16th of June 2013: A one-year anniversary celebration for Buku Jalanan TITI
5. 20th of September 2013: Malam Tinju Puisi (Poetry Slam)

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